English Page – Not Italian Speaking?

If you are here maybe you heard or saw about Roma Drink Team somewhere.

We are a proud group of friends who like to travel and drink, make tricks and jokes. We know each other from a lot of years and we make yearly travels to Oktoberfest or other places where we would like to export the Drink Team and best italian mentality.

Fun is that we trust.

We will so appreciate if you  suggest us new ideas. If you have photos with us please send them to e-mail address below…we will post it on website.

If you have want to talk with us or write something please use the Contatct Form.

If you have picture or video with Roma Drink Team inside please send to us using e-mail: crew@romadrinkteam.it

Should be Roma Drinking Team and not Roma Drink Team

We know that the words ROMA DRINK TEAM is not correct and must be DRINKING. But for our ear it sounds better without ING form.